Introduction To Hoodoo

Hoodoo is a unique branch of beliefs, lore, stories and traditions that were designed to help integrate us into an environment filled with plants, animals, elements, and an array of spirits.

Hoodoo took roots in the Americas during slavery times using plants and other resources available while also borrowing from the ancient wisdom of the Native Americans. The term “Hoodoo” is a used in a way to give form to the colorful and specific folkloric beliefs practiced by a wide range of believers. 


Hoodoo is a multicultural practice with strong links between various indigenous groups, Judeo-Christian faiths and, West African magickal and medicinal herbalism. It is primarily a healing tradition that involves the use of herbs, plants, roots, animals, minerals, and natural waters combined with magickal amulets, ceremonies, rituals, chants, and handmade power objects. These handmade power objects empower the practitioner to take control of his or her own fate, rather than leave it up to deities, or the universe.

Since it is not a religion, Hoodoo has always been practiced by wide variety of people, regardless of ethnicity or religious practices. Hoodoo is natural, non-dogmatic, and practical. The primary concerns of Hoodoo is blessing the home and keeping the domestic environment peaceful and free of unwanted intrusions, whether they are bad vibes, people or negative spirits. Other concerns is gaining a loving, faithful life mate, good health and happiness, freeing oneself from undesired situations, hexing and unhexing, predicting future outcomes, drawing good luck and money, success and good fortune. Hoodoo is about the health, wealth, love, luck, and happiness of the practitioner and his or her clients.



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